General By marco, February 12 2006

Let's add to the mix, too. All I'm after now is the .aq version, which might prove difficult to get.

Actually I'm also after Anyone out there who can make that happen?

General By marco, February 11 2006

I am now the proud owner of More internationality to come.

Oh and Akismet rocks.

Annoying By marco, February 10 2006

Apparently, my website is now on some big 'SPAM-THESE-WEBSITES!' list, because over the last few days I've been getting comment spam. Not just 'more' comment spam, but comment spam, at all. I used to get none. Most of them still didn't come through because I have wordpress set up to automatically moderate comments with three urls or more in them. But still, deleting them all is very annoying.

Luckily, Wordpress comes with an anti-spam plugin that I have now enabled. It sends all comments to a central server that checks them for spamminess and returns a 'good to go' or 'low-life spammer' rating. The only downside is that you need a account for it, which means you get a blog ( boo! fix!). At least it doesn't require any action on the commenting-side, like those annoying 'type the characters in this image' things.


Tech By marco, January 27 2006

I just wanted to give this idea some exposure: a World-Wide Photobooth, because I think it is brilliant and I should have come up with it myself.

I'd like to add that I believe there are actually automator actions for uploading to, and the watching of photos being taken can probably be done with Folder actions.

If only I had an iMac G5 to try it out with...

Tech By marco, December 15 2005

... when it's broken.. Bleh.

Somehow, three of my libraries and a lot of System Frameworks got zeroed out. (Tip: when that dialog comes up warning you of your almost full hard drive, do something about it.) Usually I'd just grab an OSX install dvd, do the brilliant Archive and Install and be done in 15 minutes. But of course the thing is nowhere to be found. So I had to fix it The Hard Way.

Scp stopped working because Kerberos was hosed, but luckily ftp did still work (even though libresolv was out, too). So I tediously ftped over a few files from another box such that scp would work again (the paths to the Frameworks are very long). After that I could copy over the rest with scp (with $(pwd) and proper tabbing available) for a couple of hours. Ugh. Some of my applications are still b0rked.