Life, General By marco, June 24 2005

If you've ever used public transport in Amsterdam, you'll know that the drivers have a somewhat different attitude compared to PT in other cities. I was confronted with that again, this morning.

Getting to work for me involves getting on a bus, then switching to a train, and lastly I get on a tram. The bus isn't from Amsterdam. That makes it easy: you wait for it to appear and get on. If you're still approaching the bus stop when that bus is appearing, you run at it and it'll stay there so you can still get on. The trains go at regular intervals (or are delayed, but never too early) so you shouldn't have any trouble making it there in time.

Now the public transport in Amsterdam. They will not wait. At all. Not even a single second. Just this morning, I was approaching the tram. I was literally less than 50cm away from the door when it closed and the tram rode away.

Well, at least I had some time to get something to drink.

Life, General By marco, June 16 2005

I'd say it was pretty cool. Not entirely true to the book (as usual). For instance there are a few annoying love-scene moments (as usual) that need to go (as usual). But apart from that, I enjoyed the hitchhiker's guide movie quite a bit. Special crowd, too. One dude had part of an orange juicer strapped to his head (explained in the movie), and another raised his towel everytime it was mentioned.

Life By marco, June 15 2005

Today is the day on which I will go see The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

'Huh? What? But that's not in theatres yet, in the Netherlands!'

Indeed it isn't. Except it's the closing film for the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. So I get to see it nearly 2 months early. Yay!

Tech, General By marco, June 13 2005

I've begun moving over to WordPress. This means the end of my homebrew Zope stuff, which was basically only there to try out Zope. It just stuck a little longer than I expected. It also means I can finally ditch the UserModeLinux virtual machine running it.

Now, I've archived all the old stuff of course. Most links should still work. I have no clue how I'm going to make google like all this, but who cares. It's still the old (table-based, ack!) layout, too. Either way, find it in the archive. (Some links to files and images are broken. Should you need one of them, just poke me).

I hope this will stick for a while. I might tweak the layout a bit more but the general idea should remain the same. Or at least similar. Or maybe not.