Update: the ipcc has been updated to work on iPhoneOS 3.1.3. It should still work on 3.0, too.

With the new 3.0 iPhoneOS a new carrier bundle is needed so as to enable a few new features. So I've uploaded a new Vodafone NL Carrier bundle, in IPCC format. Because this is the format Apple uses for their carrier updates, a jailbroken phone is not needed.

Simply download the IPCC, here, and put it on your desktop. Download that file such that it does not get processed after the download finishes. In Safari this can be accomplished by option-clicking the link. Note: IPCC files are really renamed zip files. Browsers try to be clever so the file might be renamed to end in .zip or .ipcc.zip. Make sure the file name ends in .ipcc or iTunes won't recognise it.

You'll need iTunes 8.2 with carrier testing enabled. On a Mac, this is done by typing:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE
in a Terminal window, and restarting iTunes. Then, connect your phone to your computer, option-click the 'Check for Update' button and select the ipcc file. It should apply immediately.

This IPCC file does the following:

  • Sets a carrier logo to eliminate scrolling 'Voda...'
  • Disables 'call forwarded' notification when calling
  • Enables editing of data settings (APN, etc.)
  • Enables internet tethering
  • Enables MMS (settings preinserted)
Note: I had to restart my phone to get the MMS settings recognised.